Privacy Policy

Last update: 2020-06-11. This privacy policy can be updated.

DebLinkSolutions grant great importance to the protection and confidentiality of your privacy.
Our privacy policy explains how your personal data is collected and what we do with it.

Cookies usage

DebLinkSolutions use the cookies to link an user to the referral user when sign up and to keep used connected when authentificated.

The data we collect

IP address : We save the IPs and their geolocation of the user in our databases for internal usage only. (Abuses, Account protection, Bandwidth performances ...)
Email : DebLinkSolutions request the email address of the user when sign up. This email address is used by DebLinkSolutions for internal usage. The settings of sending emails by DebLinkSolutions can be configured from the user account. You can disable all notifications we send by email.
Language : We detect and record the user language when sign up.
Data record of requests : Our servers logs the IPs, the date of your requests and record the errors (Data sent, dates, IPs, responses) for debug or support.
Browser and OS : We record the browser and OS name on our databases for internal usage only.

How we secure your data and privacy

DebLinkSolutions constantly makes every effort to protect your personnal data. It can be processed (manualy or automaticaly) by DebLinkSolutions only.
To protect your privacy, no external resource (Ads, Google Analytic, Facebook, Twitter...) is loaded when visiting DebLinkSolutions, except Google Captcha that can be loaded when abuse is detected (login, register).

Recording data duration

In accordance with French laws, DebLinkSolutions save the data of the user for 1 year.