Terms of use

Last update: 2020-06-11.

Article 1 : Définition

User : The User (you) is any person who uses the Site or one of the services offered on the Site.
Credentials : The term "Credentials" covers the information necessary to identify an User on the site to access on restricted area.

Article 2: Qualities required to use the service.

Our services are reserved for individuals who can conclude contracts according to the law in force in the country of residence.
The User must respect the laws in force to access to this site.

Article 3: Services

We offer various services to the User according to this agreement. We reserve the right to change or withdraw our services at any time without justification. The services are not fully guaranteed due to many factors that could cause the arrest of these.

Article 4: Personal information

The User guarantees that the informations he provides in the DebLinkSolutions forms is true, accurate and complete. The User agrees to maintain and update his information to ensure that it is true, accurate and complete.

Article 6: User account

6-1 - The User acknowledges not using our services to download or store so-called illegal files according to the law in force in his country.
6-2 - The User is responsible for their hosting, the content of the information transmitted, disseminated or collected, their use and their updating.
6-3 - The User acknowledges not attempting to interrupt our services by any means such as computer attacks. The User must not attempt to bypass the limitations or use a breach in our payment system. The User acknowledges not attempting to the ressources available in him server by any means.
6-4 - The User is solely responsible for his account and credentials. The User accept to not share his credentials to third party.

Article 7: Responsibilities of DebLinkSolutions

7-1 - DebLinkSolutions cannot be held responsible for the non-respect by the User of the rules, laws and obligations in force of public order, and of national and international good morals.
7-2 - DebLinkSolutions undertakes not to rent, sell or provide your personal information to third parties, but DebLinkSolutions may be required to disclose the User's personal data in order to protect their legal rights. if this is requested by the judicial authorities.
7-3 - DebLinkSolutions cannot be held responsible for the total or partial non-compliance with an obligation and / or failure of operators of transport networks to the Internet world and in particular of its access provider (s). As such, DebLinkSolutions informs the User that its services are dependent on other technical operators and that its responsibility cannot be engaged by their failure.

Article 8: Refund policy

The Service can be fully refunded if not used 7 days after payment. Open a ticket to request a refund.